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Our Goal

Our goal is to find beautiful pieces that can be given new life!


This started because Kelly grew up being dragged to auctions and sales since she could walk (maybe even earlier). 

At 4 years old, she was at an auction and saw a box lot with a Buddha incense burner and musical nuns. She was given the paddle and told she had no more than $4.00 to bid with. She bid $2.00, and no one would bid against her. She went home with the whole box lot and still has those two items. She also still has the auction bug! 

As a result of this childhood, she has developed an eye for collectibles. Most specifically jewelry.  Being a cosplayer and witch and many other things - having affordable unique jewelry and accessories is not only a joy, but a necessity! 

Kelly is many things - an Aromatherapist, Yoga Instructor, IT Technician/Analyst, Mom, Nana, Wife - the list goes on.

Since moving to Victoria, British Columbia in 2018, she has discovered so many wonderful auctions and collectibles! Its time to share all the wonderful things that have been collected.

During this time of pandemic, sewing has become a form of meditation as well. Masks, Bags and various other accessories are being created when she is not searching for new collectibles!!


So you may have noticed that I identify as a Witch.  So why do I do that on my jewelry site? 

Well, because that ties in with my love of vintage, used collectables and my endless search for all things magickal. 

I love symbolism, expressing our energy and power through our appearance and accessories. 

I curate this collection, and ensure I feature items that are beautiful, old, special, unique and carry some amazing energies. 

The Kollections

These are a mish-mash of lovely things I have found or made.  I can't guarantee any of the jewelry because they are all vintage or used. These are fun pieces which will work well for Cosplay, or just daily costume jewelry use.  I do try to ensure any items I am listing are reasonable quality and not junk jewelry. There are some real 'gems' here too!  I adore buying vintage jewels, but I just can't keep them all!! 


Shipping/Delivery Options

Due to the current restrictions, we can offer no-contact delivery  or pick-up locally to Victoria, BC. Shipping to other areas will be charged at current Canada Post Rates. 

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