A Witches Adventure in Hunting Jewelry!

So this pandemic has changed life pretty dramatically. I long for the day we can go back to enjoying get-togethers and rituals and festivals... and Sci-fi Cons! There is nothing like dressing up as witchy, or bohemian, or nerdy and having an evening out with a group of great people! As I get stuck daily next to my computer, I have fallen into the trap of local on-line auctions. Oh oh. My Mom used to drag me to in person auctions even when I was pre-school age. There is where I caught the bug. And got an education in the joys of vintage, antique and unique jewelry.

A few weeks ago, I found an online auction site (thanks FB). I registered and saw some cool jewelry lots that looked like there might be some treasures in with the junk. I won two lots. Oooh and there were some treasures in those lots too. I found myself looking at the jewels and thinking "Oh this one would make a great piece for a Summer Solstice Ritual", and "ooh this one has such great energy". I sold a couple of pieces and kept looking. Then, I hit an auction that had so much jewelry, and a good percentage of it was stone pieces with opals, and labradorite etc., etc. I kept my cool and didn't start bidding until closer to the end of the auction. It got furious and several lots went for well over $500 per lot. Eeep. Too rich for my blood. One lot there were a few pieces I thought would be fantastic, so I kept on it. At the very last few minutes, I noticed a lot that was still low priced, so I thought "Oh, I should bid on that". Lessons people, lessons. There was only a minute left and my fingers needed to go fast so I put a max bid in, not realizing what I actually typed in. I added an extra 0. OMG! OMG! Witch, you nut! Needless to say I won the lot - and spent more than I intended. Then I realized it was the wrong lot. Maybe this was something I shouldn't be doing...

Meh, so we eat potatoes and frozen veggies for meals for the next few weeks. Besides that the lot that was not the one I wanted, was the best of the two!!

But now, what the heck did I get myself into? How do I sell this stuff? I have no room to keep it all. Although, man if I started to wear it all, I'd be rockin' that boho, witchy look something fierce. I have every intent of curating, and selling this lovely stuff. Hopefully to folks who understand the value of a great piece of jewelry - even costume jewels! Not to say I want to make a zillion bucks, but how cool is it that people can get something that I find and get some happiness out of it? I really like looking at the pieces and researching where they come from and thinking about how they can be used.

For all of my witchy friends, note that I cleanse every piece that comes into my care. My altar has been lit for days now, and the cleansing smoke going pretty consistently!

Feel free to take a look through, I am adding daily as I now realize that this is quite the undertaking!

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