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Drowning in jewelry... Is that a bad thing?

As I am going deeper into this world of costume jewelry, I am amassing quite the collections. I don't put it all on my site, and frankly, I still have a lot great pieces that will get to the site. There are many things that go into it - I have mentioned that I smoke cleanse everything that comes in immediately. Then I separate into: 'The Kollection,' 'Cool but not that cool', 'Broken jewels' and 'Junk'. My chair, as can be seen below has become the cool necklace holder and I have been taking to grabbing one or two to wear with an outfit on the rare occasions I go outside. Some of these will make it to the Kollection, some are really nothing special, but grouped together make for some interesting statements!!

I have not dared count yet, but I am pretty sure I have over 200 pairs of earrings (and these aren't any of the ones that belong to a set).

After separating, I start researching. I put each item into its own bag and start looking for jeweler marks etc. I test where need be. Then I head to the internet to research the item. I love finding special, vintage pieces - or pieces with an amazing history.

What I am hoping for is to get feedback from folks - what do you want? Its possible I might have it, or can find it! I'm pretty familiar with vintage costume jewelry and learning more every day!

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