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This spectacular, sparkling blue goldstone necklace is hand knotted, 26" with 70 stones. The bracelet is stretchy to fit all, has 26 stones (Beads measured 7mm each). 

Blue Goldstone Necklace and bracelet

SKU: S126
  • Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone. The sparkles come from copper flecks. Check this stone out, it still has an amazing energy. Magickally, this needs to be cleansed and charged frequently. So many magickal uses for this beauty!!  But since it is man-made it relies on you to keep it working!

    Cleaning Blue Goldstone - it does need to be cleaned periodically to retain its sparkling beauty!  warm soapy water, on a soft cloth will work great for this one. You could use a soft brush as well.  We have seen the recommendation to leave it in the moonlight for at least one night after prolonged use. 

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