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Like new - Gorgeous  .925 Silver heart with mother of pearl centre. The .925 chain sparkles and is 22 " but adjustable as the chain slides through the bead at the top to shorten. Excellent silver work even on the back of he pendant. If it turns around while wearing it, it still looks great! 

Mother of Pearl Heart Necklace 925

SKU: N069
  • Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the ocean. Protection, stress relieving and calming. Commonly believed to attract prosperity, and heighten intuition and assist in psychic work.  Great in full moon rituals!

    Caring for Mother of Pearl - do not expose to extreme heat, or acids (like vinegar etc.) You can use warm, soapy water with a soft cloth if it seems dirty but generally use a soft cloth to clean any light dirt.  It can be fragile. 

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